I never knew love could be this damaging.

It knows that pain is destroying me and stabbing me. It knows how I suffocate myself with fear and dreadful unrest and yet it does nothing to save me. It’s just there laughing and watching me burn myself to death. It’s unfair you know? All I did was let my heart beat and my world’s already gone mad.

I guess this is what I have become- a complete psycho who blames everything at love, acting like it isn’t a goddamn fallacy.  Truth is, I never did believe in it until his words crept into my head, until those euphonious, haunting sounds talked to me. The irony is there too. I try so hard to be blinded and oblivious to the hurtful truth even though I am well aware that this love will forever be unrequited. Maybe forever does exist, but this kind of forever is the kind I never wanted.

And you, you are so close yet it feels like the distance between us is one we’ll never be able to conquer. Being in the same room as you are felt like hell. I try to run away from these emotions, but these feelings, it seemed, could never be deleted.

I wish that that was all, but the torment doesn’t stop there. I hope you know it’s painful when the person you love can never love you back the same way you do; when that one person you want wants another. That girl you’re talking about, she is very lucky to be loved by you and I hope she knows that. I hope she loves you back because she means the most to the person who means the world to me.

Sometimes I wish to just be deaf because I am tortured with what I hear. I can hear my heart beating for you, but I can’t hear yours beat for me.




By Kira Mona

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More than a pilgrim’s most exhilarating encounter with the Holy Father, the recent papal visit proved to be one of the largest media spectacles yet. As early as October 2014, right after the official announcement of the Holy See, the local government began series of preparations—from the beautification of the city to the training of our armed forces. Every eye was keenly fixed upon the personalities who took charge of the major physical improvements of the streets and of the venues listed in the papal itinerary. Likewise, every mass rehearsal was documented and a number of dry runs were conducted.

As the days neared to the actual affair, each television station had their own themes of broadcast. ABS-CBN had “Thank You sa Malasakit: Pope Francis sa Pilipinas” while GMA had “Ang People’s Pope sa Pilipinas” special news coverages. Furthermore, radio and print affiliates of…

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Her Beloved

I know a girl

lost and stuck

in a palace with no windows,

all doors are locked

the keys are with the King

dwelling in pitch-black

there is no way out

with or without the abet of luck.

Endless, miserable

the halls of the palace

powerless, pitiful

sheer injustice

she is burning in his lair

a profusion of bruises

no music, no air

only impoverished voices.

Oppressed, enslaved

every part is broken

Him and Her

ruptured and shaken

in a room of his curses

all beasts have awakened

madness, insanity

pneuma half open

She dared, He played

games of hatred

She won, He won

but the agonies lasted

fiendishness, hostility

blood they have tasted

in the measure of time

life is wasted

I know a girl

rummaged into the unknown

only to find

His heart of stone

in shackles and in tears

but without regrets

for whom she feared

she will love before the eyes of death.

Always and Forever


Every night I dream of you,
I dream of you holding me close
and you never let me go,
Captivated I was by your gaze and resounding laughter,
In that fantasy, we found our always and forever.

Under the blue sky we danced gracefully,
All through the twirls and sways, your eyes were on mine,
Our hearts wrote beautiful symphonies together,
In that fairytale, we found our always and forever.

What we shared, immaculate, divine,  started the fire of our love,
Brewed with desire, sparks lighted up the whole garden,
The heat of your breath lingering behind my ears,
In that paradise, we found our always and forever.

Magic if you’ll call it. Magical indeed
Shivers rushed through my veins as fireworks spelled out our emotions,
And second by second, the dream went on farther and sweeter,
In that heavenly sanctuary, we found our always and forever.

You started to trace silhouettes in the cold harsh wind,
And then and there, I knew what they were,
Your promises, your enthralling vows rushed faster and faster,
In that wonderland, we found our always and forever.

A poet, you are, mezmerized I am with your flowery,empty words,
I know I am not good at poetry but I blurted a few lines out as a response,
“You are the knight who bequeths me with a happy ever after,
In this chaos, with you, I see my always and forever”

You whispered a million things my ear, things I wont ever forget,
At first, they had me lost in bewilderment until a single statement stood out form the blur,
And then your reflection started to fade from the misty water,
Back in that nightmare, we found our always and forever.

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