For You


The words almost fell out

and yet I choked.

All of my thoughts, mad and perpetual, I hid them from you,

but even if I let them out, no one would listen and so will you

each of them, voiceless, unheard, drained from the power they deserve.

I was scared and still I am

not really knowing what i am sacred of

Uncertainties swallowing my soul, pinning me down to a fatal fall

Uncertain of all the possibilities

Uncertain if these emotions are real

Uncertain if you would take me

Uncertain if I am drowning for the right person

Uncertain if my heart is still beating

I am hiding behind bars of solid lies

Denial echoed over and over until the truth, all of it, got drenched in blood and gold

but above every pretension, behind the mask,  beneath all shadows,

there was love,

there is love.

Darling, I am hurting because I am in love with you. I love you. This is the honest truth


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