Her Beloved

I know a girl

lost and stuck

in a palace with no windows,

all doors are locked

the keys are with the King

dwelling in pitch-black

there is no way out

with or without the abet of luck.

Endless, miserable

the halls of the palace

powerless, pitiful

sheer injustice

she is burning in his lair

a profusion of bruises

no music, no air

only impoverished voices.

Oppressed, enslaved

every part is broken

Him and Her

ruptured and shaken

in a room of his curses

all beasts have awakened

madness, insanity

pneuma half open

She dared, He played

games of hatred

She won, He won

but the agonies lasted

fiendishness, hostility

blood they have tasted

in the measure of time

life is wasted

I know a girl

rummaged into the unknown

only to find

His heart of stone

in shackles and in tears

but without regrets

for whom she feared

she will love before the eyes of death.


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