By Kira Mona

_80354807_80354640 Photo courtesy: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30875645

More than a pilgrim’s most exhilarating encounter with the Holy Father, the recent papal visit proved to be one of the largest media spectacles yet. As early as October 2014, right after the official announcement of the Holy See, the local government began series of preparations—from the beautification of the city to the training of our armed forces. Every eye was keenly fixed upon the personalities who took charge of the major physical improvements of the streets and of the venues listed in the papal itinerary. Likewise, every mass rehearsal was documented and a number of dry runs were conducted.

As the days neared to the actual affair, each television station had their own themes of broadcast. ABS-CBN had “Thank You sa Malasakit: Pope Francis sa Pilipinas” while GMA had “Ang People’s Pope sa Pilipinas” special news coverages. Furthermore, radio and print affiliates of…

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