Valley Of Tears

You held my hand and we walked along the valley of tears where

the moonlight outlasted the sun

sweet laughter turned into cries

your poems came undone

truths came out to be lies

Our footsteps echoed loudly through one refined melody as

music turned from art into random noises

smiles we carefully crafted curved into frowns

rain ceased from pouring

and the fishes started to drown

We paused to watch everything crash. You said you were enjoying when the

cities started to crumble

people stopped breathing

chaos was more than double

thoughts remained as drawings

I never liked that place, but as long as it proposes time to be with you, I’ll walk through every pace . I’ll be there even if

all stars stopped twinkling

souls were set on fire

words lost their meaning

and love ran out of desire.

Photo (c)


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