25 Pieces of Literature and of the Arts You’ll Need to Color Your Life Up

Must Reads (and see for the theatre plays)


You know how you live life everyday over and over and over and you feel like you’re doing the same things forever? Or when you think that the world has nothing left interesting to offer to you. Well, literature is here to help and bring some spice to you and your hungry thoughts. Here is our list of highly recommended pieces of art and literature. Enjoy!


1.) Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma


“How can something so wrong feel so right?” Forbidden, a novel that tells us that love is neither a choice, nor is it forever, yet we hold on to it while it lasts. They say that certain bonds build us, strengthen us, and define us. But what if that same bond became too strong that it became forbidden? How come loving someone can be such a crime? A lost cause, a battle over before it began.

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