By Bernadette A. Pamintuan (aka Kira Mona; *theangelicvixen.wordpress.com*)

Photo credits: mhmtheatre.com Photo credits: mhmtheatre.com

Oliver! is a musical inspired by Charles Dickens’ novel, Oliver Twist. Lionel Bart’s 1961 London and Broadway production hit glossed over some of Dickens’ more graphic passages but managed to retain a strong subtext to what was essentially light entertainment. It is a masterful job of telling its story almost exclusively through song and dance.

 “Oliver!” is a story of a nine-year old orphan who managed to run away to the busy streets of London where he met a gang of boy thieves run by a wizard of pickpocketry, Fagin, with influences from a menacing thief, Bill Sykes.

The first scenes of the play narrated how Oliver lost his mother and was sent to a workhouse where he experienced early hardships in life. He knew how it felt to be hungry and to beg for more food…

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