Something electric, intoxicating is pulling our souls together

A force of some sort, a current or a Delphic spirit

I let mine imbibe along that reckless fluency

Letting all of who I am be absorbed through the energy

The sky longing for love- an open space of aches and reveries

Ever attractive, hypnotizing and often times surreal

I give my all to reach out for it

Risking life and death- I will not forfeit

I see your shadow behind the clouds

Crying, yearning for something I cannot reckon

But I know it is not my soul that it is longing for

For mine is crude and unbecomingly sore

My hands are latched as I say my prayers

I close my eyes as I try to picture you with me

Through every breath, I try to make heaven and earth meet

But the chains keep breaking so as an explosion of heartbeats

The world made sure to counter my efforts

And because of these, I withdraw what is written in our stars

Like when the ocean left lonely traces on the wearisome seashore

It left a clear line dividing my heart from yours

Photo (c)


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