That flower in the middle of the garden

withered away in the wait of the rain

or of someone who would let it grow

someone to protect it from powerful blows

That kid sitting alone in the cafeteria

bullied and laughed at

no friends and no one to talk to

always drowning in tears, always unwanted and blue

That dark cloud in the middle of the sky

eerie and desolately numb

destroying the perfect serenity

dejected with how the shallow storm turned out to be

That one single star I see every night

still there but it’s getting far by the moment

we used to call it a name or two

now it’s fading or perhaps dying of woe

That book at the end of the bookshelf

veiled with dust and sad antics

a story of demented love

blithely vanished by the gods above

Those intricate footsteps along the seasides

I was sure we counted two consensus pairs

but as the waves rushed to the water

the traces were gone as I walked alone further

And then here I am sitting here in this park bench

the bitterly cold metal against the palm of my hands

I look around searching as if you’ll come

as if that night never happened when I gave you freedom

Noisy streets and flickering lights

people being manipulated by the ultimate buoyancy

believing as if one is made for the other

or as if hearts can never shatter

Denying the fascination over the power of two

sheepishly shooting myself in the foot

until the wound compels itself to heal

until there’s nothing left for me to feel

The sound of the city ooze from left to right

with me are our memories but you’re out of sight


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