Can you save me now?

There is not much time to still hold back

For I am on the verge of caving in absolutely

My pseudo castles, long I have given up

And right this second, I am vulnerable

But if you are not my rescuer

Will you at least just tell me to stop?

Confront me to stop

Make things easier

Tell me I am being foolish

Tell me I am waiting for no one

Say you feel nothing

Instead of unconsciously tolerating my fantasies

Say the chances are ambiguously blind

Instead of unconsciously breaking me

So heretofore

I will not encourage my hopes any longer

And not prolong these fatuous wishes

 I deserve to be free from illusions

And you deserve the world free from me

From there, I will let everything go

Will you?

Save me now

To save the both of us.

Photo (c)


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