This is for a dear friend of mine. He still loves you. 


I still remember

every second, every hour

the days your head rested on my shoulder

dreaming dreams over and over

I still remember

your words, they always linger

in my head, through all the towers

used to be sweet and never bitter

I still remember

your hazel eyes, to my surrender

in them I drowned and I grew stronger

you gave me faith, made me a fighter

I still remember

how we wasted every summer

with you I was never sober

drunk in love and life was better

I still remember

we planned everything together

we travelled and we wandered

we were there, I was your keeper

I still remember

the sound of your laughter

how you smiled and shrieked altogether

how you told me I never was a joker

I still remember

the days I picked you flowers

kissed you and hugged you tighter

held you close, burned in desire

I still remember

that one night you had me shattered

in tears and struck by thunder

broke my heart, you left me staggered

I still remember

you said my heart was for another

and that yours is getting weaker

it isn’t fate, it’s not forever

I still remember

everything we’ve been through

and my emotions have always lasted

after all these years, it’s still you

I still remember

the memories we’ve created

to the pictures of us two

still I treasure them, still I cherish you

And I know we can’t be

no more second chances

my heart still belongs to you

it still beats, it still screams “I love you.”

Photo (c) pictify.com 


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