A canvass of emotions,
abstract and confusing
Behind these words are unstitched feelings
I searched for thoughts I knew I couldn’t find
Stubborn and pathetic, I wasn’t only ready to admit;
There are no words for these feelings that I keep
As deep as the ocean is something inside me,
 shaking, hoping but never certain
I try to grasp up at the horizon,
But got only disconcertions.
I wished on a silver lining,
And found rainbows glimmering.
Then I knew I already fell,
For someone who makes everything unsure.
This affection I hid and tried to throw away,
But you keep on pushing it all back
and I knew too well I wanted them to stay
Mixed signals, I asked for signs
Crazy, because all I want is for you to be mine
Amidst my love for someone like you,
Is the truth that there will never be me and you.
Possibilities and chances the world throws,
I am for sure I need to let these all go.
You are just an illusion for my heart to keep
I am just an imagination, unreal and obsolete

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