Photo (c) nataliarey.deviantart.com

Replenished I was when I drowned in those stares

Even if they meant nothing, colder than the winter air

Blank looks penetrating through metal

 Upon a view of withering petals.

Desolation was not what I had in mind

Only heaven’s miracle could create a stronger bind

Everything destroyed, poisoned rapidly

Open those eyes and laugh at my misery.

And I thought this heart was impassable

Had a shield as solid as gold

Your love ruined it, silver mist to dust

What is left from the bread is nothing but crust.

I put everything at risk

Only to know to have fostered a terrorist

All things on fire, flaming erroneously

Of all things I ask, I beg for mercy

Come sit with me and let us make potions

Let my voice dictate your intuitions

Once there is nothing left to speculate

You realize you love me, but you have come too late


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