Gender Equality in the Newsroom

The newsroom in the earlier centuries was “no place for a lady”. Female writers were discriminated and looked down upon by the male-dominated media industry. Editorial positions were mostly handled by men and women were hired just to be researchers and not legitimate journalists. Miller (2013) said the thinking of the people in those particular periods was that women cannot really handle the tough career of speculation over governmental and political agendas, international news and crime stories. However, over the course of time, the media industry eventually welcomed women as imperative members and leaders of the newsroom.

In my opinion, I honestly see no gender discrimination in the 21st century newsrooms. In a world where gender equality movements have gone a long way, barriers that were built to patronize over a single gender are finally crashing down. Female reporters are as good as the male reporters and it is the same otherwise. Men can do what the women can and so do women with men’s tasks. Newspapers are under the editorial directions of men and women and both are not really under-represented nor dominant. How good and effective a reporter is does not necessarily rely on his sex or preferred gender orientation, rather on the hard work, passion and dedication exerted in everything the person does.

On a personal basis, I firmly believe that men and women co-exist harmoniously in the media industry. As a news writer of the Varsitarian, I have observed that everyone is treated the same on all aspects. The division of labor favors no gender and there is fair share of articles. Men and women write for the soft and hard sections altogether. Editorial positions and promotions are given to writers based on their performance, dedication and skills certainly not on their genders. One gets what he or she deserves.




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