Journalists are Superheroes

As an aspiring writer, a student journalist, a committed citizen and a nation builder, to help shape a well-informed public has always been my dream.

There are two big words I value the most: “credibility” and “integrity”. I have always admired and respected Journalists who uphold the truth and stand by the mission of communicating to the public everything they have to know. I want to be like them– courageous, bright and honest.

My ambition of becoming a Journalist started in 5th grade. Campus Journalism seminars, student publications and press conferences were the things I looked forward to. The thought of informing my schoolmates motivated me to write. From then on, I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.

Writing has always been my passion and my first love. It was and will always be my way of expressing my thoughts and sharing them to the world.

I want to incorporate depth, essence and meaning to the things I write. I figured taking up Journalism meets my dream. I want to be influential enough to emancipate minds from ignorance. Armed with pen, paper and a pocket full of bold ideas, I want to help enlighten the public so they will be capable of forming wise decisions and intelligent opinions regarding important matters in the community. I want to unravel the truth and disseminate veritable and unbiased information, and provide people not only with the things they want to know, but most especially the things they need to know.

Actions become special because of the purpose and reason behind them. Knowing the purpose behind an action is what gives meaning to the things we do and from where we get the drive to keep doing them. For me, I am pursuing journalism because of a purpose I have come to know for a very long time: communicate the truth and awaken the people to what reality is all about. People tell me it sounds all too idealistic, pretentious and a little bit too visionary, but nothing really is too visionary when you want something to happen. Someone has to do it and that someone is going to be me. I found the fulfillment and materialization of that purpose in journalism.

It saddens me when others undermine my choice of becoming a Journalist. For them, it is not big enough. For me, what matters is what my purpose of becoming one is and that purpose? Public Service.



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