JRN 104: The Value of News and the Road to Excellence

Back in grade school, a crew from a national media corporation put up tents in our town so they could feature the municipality I lived in. All the members of the crew looked occupied with their equipments and a pretty lady all dressed up was in front of the camera as the people gathered around during the coverage. I knew back then that I wanted to be a reporter – become a journalist and involve myself in the process of information dissemination. I have been to a lot of conferences and seminars and joined numerous media organizations. When I got into college, I immediately joined the official publication of the University. I thought news writing was an easy task — that when you know the facts, you can be a news writer so effortlessly, but news writing was more complex than that.

This news-writing course helped me understand journalism better as an integral part of society and enlivened my passion for writing further. The things I knew about writing news and reporting it were enhanced and I am now equipped with more knowledge that I will be able to use in the future.

Fact gathering is one of the basics when you are inclined in the news department. However, I have learned that news writing has a purpose that transcends far more than just presenting the facts. After gathering the facts, news writers and reporters are expected to weave something out of the facts to communicate information to the public — present the facts in a way that will help the audience form wise decisions and intellectual discourses. Inserting the right context in news stories is essential after all. News writing and reporting are both crucial activities because people expect a lot from writers. After all the lessons and discussions, I have learned that there are certain rules and guidelines that need to be observed. Simply announcing the facts is not news writing or reporting. There are forms, kinds and structures. News writing and reporting can be easy if one knows the basics, when one knows where to look for news, who to look for and who to talk to for sources.

Another is the incorporation of objectivity in news writing and reporting. Journalists are expected to not be blindly partisan. Journalists are and should be free of bias in every situation to be able to let the public decide for themselves and to not give off the idea that journalists are trying to dictate the decisions and opinions of the public. There are no room for mistakes, false information and biases. Balance is always imperative.

News is the basic component of the newspaper. Without news, the essence of the newspaper is defeated especially when all people want to read about are the comics or the daily horoscope. This class helped me appreciate news more and made be want to pursue journalism more despite the profession being a risky one. Through reading the banner story every meeting, it became a habit of mine to make sure that I read the news everyday. As an aspiring journalist, this news writing course serve as one of my stepping stones in becoming one of the competitive individuals in the industry.










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