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Replenished I was when I drowned in those stares

Even if they meant nothing, colder than the winter air

Blank looks penetrating through metal

 Upon a view of withering petals.

Desolation was not what I had in mind

Only heaven’s miracle could create a stronger bind

Everything destroyed, poisoned rapidly

Open those eyes and laugh at my misery.

And I thought this heart was impassable

Had a shield as solid as gold

Your love ruined it, silver mist to dust

What is left from the bread is nothing but crust.

I put everything at risk

Only to know to have fostered a terrorist

All things on fire, flaming erroneously

Of all things I ask, I beg for mercy

Come sit with me and let us make potions

Let my voice dictate your intuitions

Once there is nothing left to speculate

You realize you love me, but you have come too late


Down the Dark Meadow

Hear noises exacerbated inside

Carefully razing the veins and the heart

Succeeding to pierce so timely behind

Leaving me bruised off a sharp, twisted dart

Ask me the reasons why I do not speak

Same as the darkest shadows at my doors

Took a hold of my feet, kept me static

Feel the torture that made my spirit sore

Exhausted, drifting through demonic dreams

In their presence, forever I must dwell

“Let me vanish, dance in a fog of steam.”

But hoping something echoed from the yell

These hidden disquisitions will be done

From fear, I will be still, I will not run.



If you try to see

The world through my eyes

Then things would seem to be

Falling into a paradise

You will wake up to better mornings

Dream peacefully at night

The rhapsodies will be unending

Graces to hold you tight

At the sun you shall stare

Constantly without hurting

Til then we will share

The vision of upside-down everything.

But this I warn you sternly

My eyes are colour blind

Often sieve reality

In fantasies they reside.

For they chose to

Put up a magic filter

So through my eyes you

Can see the world in glitter.

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Sa oras ng aking pagpikit
Humipa't huminahon sa nakasanayang mga bisig
Mabilis na humimlay sa iyong mga yakap
Tumigil sa pagluha, sarili'y nilingap
Tila 'di maalala, ganitong mga haplos
Mga linyang naibaon sa kapal ng alikabok
Tulungan ang isip, ngayo'y gulong gulo
Papanauliin ang espiritung pinagpira-piraso
Naghihikahos, uhaw at sabik
Dala ang nalalabi ng noo'y walang kapintasang gunita
Patuluyin nakapapasong init ng iyong katawan
Piliting ibalik ang tamis ng nakaraan
Minsan pang magpaligaw sa mga matang kahali-halina
Hanapin sa mga ito ang dating payak na pagnanais
Huwag munang talikuran at tayo'y magbakasakali
Na ang kasalukuyan ay kawangis parin ng dati
Ngunit nang sandaling magtagpo, gusto nang magpumiglas
Nang muli kang mahawakan, pait ang umiral
Naguumapaw ang mga alaalang kayhirap limutin
Mga bakas ng pagmamahalan, sabay nating burahin
Umalis at sumalangit, kay tagal na 'di nagusap
Mga kaluluwang akala'y sa isa't isa'y nakataan
Sa yakap na kay higpit sa gabing walang bituin
Nagliwanag ang lahat, natauhan, wala nang uukitin
Lumipas ang mga oras na hawak ang isa't isa
Binalot ng poot at lamig, puno ng dalamhati
Niyanig ng mga ulap, lubos sa pagiiyakan
Nagwawala ang sakit, nilimot na't iniwan
'Di na marinig ang pagpintig ng puso
At tayo'y bumitiw mula sa huling pagyakap
Lungkot ay tinalo ng dalisay na ligaya
Humihiyaw ang kwentong 'di pa man naguumpisa



A canvass of emotions,
abstract and confusing
Behind these words are unstitched feelings
I searched for thoughts I knew I couldn’t find
Stubborn and pathetic, I wasn’t only ready to admit;
There are no words for these feelings that I keep
As deep as the ocean is something inside me,
 shaking, hoping but never certain
I try to grasp up at the horizon,
But got only disconcertions.
I wished on a silver lining,
And found rainbows glimmering.
Then I knew I already fell,
For someone who makes everything unsure.
This affection I hid and tried to throw away,
But you keep on pushing it all back
and I knew too well I wanted them to stay
Mixed signals, I asked for signs
Crazy, because all I want is for you to be mine
Amidst my love for someone like you,
Is the truth that there will never be me and you.
Possibilities and chances the world throws,
I am for sure I need to let these all go.
You are just an illusion for my heart to keep
I am just an imagination, unreal and obsolete


This is for a dear friend of mine. He still loves you. 


I still remember

every second, every hour

the days your head rested on my shoulder

dreaming dreams over and over

I still remember

your words, they always linger

in my head, through all the towers

used to be sweet and never bitter

I still remember

your hazel eyes, to my surrender

in them I drowned and I grew stronger

you gave me faith, made me a fighter

I still remember

how we wasted every summer

with you I was never sober

drunk in love and life was better

I still remember

we planned everything together

we travelled and we wandered

we were there, I was your keeper

I still remember

the sound of your laughter

how you smiled and shrieked altogether

how you told me I never was a joker

I still remember

the days I picked you flowers

kissed you and hugged you tighter

held you close, burned in desire

I still remember

that one night you had me shattered

in tears and struck by thunder

broke my heart, you left me staggered

I still remember

you said my heart was for another

and that yours is getting weaker

it isn’t fate, it’s not forever

I still remember

everything we’ve been through

and my emotions have always lasted

after all these years, it’s still you

I still remember

the memories we’ve created

to the pictures of us two

still I treasure them, still I cherish you

And I know we can’t be

no more second chances

my heart still belongs to you

it still beats, it still screams “I love you.”

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Idiosyncratic Communiqué 

If we keep on going like this

Remain proud cowards

Trying as hard as we can

To hinder words from being spoken right in front of one another

Only letting them lay in ink somewhere in a www. and in a .com,

We will lose our voices

Gone the resonating sounds

Emptiness pirouetting

No matter how hard we try to scream

Every word grows unfathomable

For the drought our lungs have been into

Burned language out of your body

Burned language out of my corpse

And although the mind surpasses the void

Abundantly flooded with language

Still, conclusions over all rundown buildings

Lead to pointlessness

It’s a defeat worth writing

In need of a plaque of recognition

But a valuation I refuse to pay

I know the consequences

Eternal voicelessness

Silence to the wordsmiths

Yet I fall ill to it

Exactly right now

Currently acquiesced in the euphoria of

Just talking through the Internet

Choosing not to speak

Speak in the manner all people should

Here I am

Fishing out suppositions through webbed networks

Conveying outpours of melodramatic sceneries

Weaving thoughts from the virtual text

Confused through the implicit content of your message

Trying to configure why you speak a different language from mine

Instead of voices,

I hear the keyboard

A mainstay of rhythmical typing sounds

I remain unsatisfied

Thirsty for your voice to echo

As loud as it can

To break the glass

Water my lungs

Let the fluid run through

Revive the voice slowly dying

The screen as the virtual quick sand

Only more ghastly

Hankering after your warm face

Longing for your body to concretize

High-tech prodigies

Lost in between all obscure holograms

Or is it hanging in between threads of horizontal lines

Parallels and can never intersect

Unstable signals

Dizzying grids

Us who anaesthetize the whole thing

Pitiful communication

Pitifully based on indirect innuendoes

Outburst of hints

We can speak

Yet we don’t try to

The reason we can’t understand

Why you can’t save me

And I can’t save you

Efforts untraced

Only online without emotions

Without actions

Undressing words once refined

Conformists to the shallow promise of technology

Pioneers on a devastating insult to nature

To tradition

Shameful and uncustomary

One I shouldn’t be tolerating

But as an outlet to free myself from too much individualism,

This post is the proof

We can’t really talk. We never talk. We don’t understand anything.