The Importance of Correct Grammar in Journalism

People often argue that as long as we seem to understand each other, the observance of proper grammar is not really imperative. Some people forget or deliberately settle for incorrect grammar as long as they are able to express themselves, even in the hardest ways possible. However, misunderstandings are proven to be unavoidable when grammatical errors are proliferated.

Grammar is the foundation of communication; therefore, incorrect grammar hinders the establishment of an effective way of communication. Communication forms civilizations and it is the factor that keeps the world intact. If we fail to establish efficient communications because of bad grammars that lead to misunderstandings, we will also fail in establishing good relations with people who we think are important. In a highly competitive world, effective communication is much needed. Studies say that people who are able to communicate ideas while observing proper grammar are most likely the ones who make it in the professional realms of the industries and become successful in their own disciplines.

Good grammar is important in journalism so that journalists would convey the right messages to the public. In the field of Journalism and in all other platforms of the media industry, good communication skills are especially essential. Given that correct grammar makes communicating easier, it is strongly prioritized and observed. The job of journalists involves writing articles that would be disseminated to the public. Through these articles, journalists are able to communicate facts and important information, which the public needs in order to be aware of their environment and be able to form wise opinions and well-thought out conclusions. In this sense, as scholars would put it, the media shapes the thoughts and opinions of the public. If the public would get the wrong message out of the articles because of bad grammar, then the way people form their opinions would be intensely affected.

Confusion is avoided when proper grammar is used. When grammatical errors are committed, people might get confused about what a message is trying to convey. For example, when punctuation marks are misused and misplaced, the meaning of a single statement might become different, resulting to misunderstanding and misinformation. It is safe to say that when proper grammar is used, people would understand the message easily.

Correct grammar can also mean higher productivity. Correct grammar enables people to convey clear information and therefore saves up time, effort and energy. When you are able to express yourself clearly and immediately the first time around, you do not have to repeat yourself over and over again – you can then proceed to doing other important tasks.

Observing proper grammar when writing or reporting can also affect the way people look at you. Professionals are expected by society to be good speakers and writers. When you observe proper grammar, people normally give out a good impression on you. They may respond to you with respect or adoration at best.

Remember, good grammar is sexy.